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Way back in 2010, before I tried my hand at drawing football grounds, I wrote a book about my beloved Notts County. It charted their meteoric rise from the depths of League Two to....well League One. But the story of how it happened was more dramatic than one would imagine.

With Sven Goran Eriksson brought in as a Director of Football, former England defender Sol Campbell 'starting' in one game, and Kasper Schmeichel making a name for himself between our sticks, Notts County's League Two title win had all the ingredients of a story that we neither expected or will ever see repeated again. More importantly for, I enjoyed writing it.

So with having my won site I have decided to write a wee blog about my football experiences down the years. What made me fall in love with the game? What made me fall out of love with the game? Who I admired and adored? Who I despised and detested? And what made me decide to start drawing football grounds in the first place?

I may not be consistent with how often I write. I guess that depends on how therapeutic I find it and how much time my very young family allows me. I can already hear my wife's voice in my head saying "Why don't you just get more of the art done?" and I already know she is right. But in the meantime I will think up a reason to justify these ramblings before she spots I have added a blog page to my site and have a ponder on what my first topic will be for my first blog 'proper'.

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