An A3 print on 250gsm card of the old Nottingham Victoria Railway Station, which stood on the site of the current Victoria Shopping Centre. 


Opened in 1900, the station remained in use until 1967. The station was used for both the Great Central Railway and Great Northern Railway and for some time the two networks could not agree on a name for the station. However, with the the opening of the station set to coincide with Queen Victoria's birthday, the name Nottingham Victoria was agreed upon.


In the 1960's, with passenger numbers dwindling, the Nottingham Victoria was penned for demolition with Nottingham's alternative station, Nottingham Midland, offering more greater links. Despite the demolition of Nottingham Victoria, the old clock tower remained in place and was incorporated into the building of The Victoria Shopping Centre and Victoria Flats that now stand on the site of the old station.


The print comes on A3 card with a fine white border around the edge of the artwork.


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Victoria Station